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jimfraser 10-04-2011 05:18 PM

App World - BB Podcast Issue
I had not used the BB Podcast app for a while but wanted to download a podcast recently. Noticed BB Podcast in my Media folder. When I loaded it up it had a bunch of NPR newcasts of a year or so ago that I supscribed to then unsubsribed, but was unable to search, subscribe or download any other podcasts. BB Podcasts showed up in my program list in BB App World so I decided to delete it and reload it. I deleted it in both App World and under Options - Device - Application Management, but it still showed up in the hobbled version in my Media folder. When I searched for Podcast apps in App World, the BB Podcast App would show up but would not download. Got no error message - nothing would happen. In App World it showed up as an uninstalled app. However, unlike all other "uninstalled" apps there was no option to reinstall!
Finally I went to the BB Podcast site. There is an option to install through App World or a direct download. I chose the direct download and it seems to be working as advertised in my Media folder, in that I can subscribe to podcasts etc. but the NPR old podcasts do not show up (no loss). I suspect that they are still somewhere on my media card.
In App World it still does not show up as an installed app. It still shows up as an Uninstalled App with no option to reinstall. What gives?
I suppose that I will not get any notification of an upgrade to any new version of BB Podcasts.
Is there another free version of an preferred application to download podcasts on my BlackBerry torch 9800?

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