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Prox 10-14-2011 08:31 AM

App 'Reinstall' only option & BBM Help
Hey guys, brand new to the forum, i've owned a blackberry now for 4 days (i'm not really a fan) but it's just a reserve phone from my iPhone which after a few years has died.

Basically my two problems are:

1. I tried to reinstall BBM and now when i go to download it it just says 'uninstalled' and no other options about downloading it again?

2. Do i actually have BBM? I'm using my iPhone 02 Simcard in my dads Virgin Blackberry Curve. I had the app (before i lost it and can't download it again) but i heard bbm was down so i thought it wasn't working cause of that. But when it came back up, i got no requests from people that have added my bbm and no accept/declines from me requesting other people?

edit: it won't let me on the facebook app unless i'm connecting to Wifi if that has anything to do with BBM not working.
thanks alot, Alex.

editx2: when i go to download BBM via URL and not app world, i just get 'Sorry, The requested item could not be loaded'

rambo47 10-14-2011 09:53 AM

Re: App 'Reinstall' only option & BBM Help
You need a BlackBerry data plan on your account. Ring up o2 and have them add it. Then you can download BBM again directly from RIM: BlackBerry - Messenger - BBM an Instant Messaging App

Facebook will work, you'll get the BBM requests folks send, and you'll be able to download things via the browser without being on WiFi. You'll also get push email.

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