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Satchurator 12-23-2011 03:35 AM

Recurring App World Problem
First off, I have a Torch 9800.

So I'm experiencing a problem I had a couple months ago. The original problem a few months ago was that after I installed an update for App World, when I reset my phone, the App World icon was completely gone, despite showing up in the app management. It turned out my OS needed to be updated via my pc (I'm aware there are other threads about this).

Well, I just experienced the same problem earlier-I installed an App World update, and when I reset my phone, it was gone. So, I checked for and installed all the updates I could via my pc, yet the App World icon still didn't show up. So, I went into the App Management, deleted App World, reset my phone, reinstalled App World via email, and while the icon now shows up, App World won't actually open up. When I click the icon, it basically freezes the screen up. Of course, I can push and hold the BB button and switch to another app, like a browser, but when I do, I get the Reboot Now/Reboot Later prompt that you get after installing something in App World and closing it. I've done a hard reset several times, but nothing seems to help.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to deal with this issue without wiping my phone clean and completely reinstalling the OS. Thanks.

tsac 12-23-2011 08:50 PM

Re: Recurring App World Problem
this may help.

BlackBerry Answers

Satchurator 12-24-2011 12:56 AM

Re: Recurring App World Problem

Originally Posted by tsac (Post 1760612)
this may help.

Thank you, but it really doesn't. That link only has info for if the icon isn't showing up. As I mentioned, it now shows up, it just doesn't open.

Satchurator 12-24-2011 06:48 AM

Re: Recurring App World Problem
Finally got it resolved after deleting and reinstalling it like 8 times.

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