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MrSillieWillie 04-27-2012 09:05 AM

BBM Upgrade Problem
Hi, I have a BlackBerry 9300 Curve and I have an issue with BBM. I use BBM version 6.0.0 .129 everyday and it works perfect. But when I go to the app world it gives me an option to "reinstall" my BBM even though I already have it. And when I try to download it, every 10 seconds it gives me the notice "Application "Blackberry Messenger" already exists, replace version with version". I choose the option yes and it give me the same notice 10 seconds later. What do I do? My BBM technicaly doesn't exist according to App World, but I use it everyday.. I'm really frustrated with this.
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aiharkness 04-27-2012 05:04 PM

Re: BBM Upgrade Problem
Try these steps in order. If the first doesn't work, go to the next, etc.

With the power on, remove the battery, wait at least 30 seconds, make sure you are in a location with good mobile signal, and then put the battery back. When the device boots up, try again.

Launch app world. Hold the alt key and type RST. After a few moments app world will close. Launch it again, and then try upgrading BBM again.

Delete BBM from the device using the device (i.e. from options). Do another batter pull as described above. Then reinstall BBM either from app world, or by pointing your BlackBerry browser to

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