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lims 07-20-2012 04:28 PM

Unlocked BB Concerns
Recently my HTC broke. Since I wasn't eligible for an upgrade through my carrier, I ended up buying an unlocked BB Storm 9530. I put my SIM card in, and it seems to work fine, but although I can take and make calls/texts on my original phone number as a result of my SIM card, the mobile device recognizes a different phone number, which I have no affiliation with, as its own. This is mostly an issue because I have an MCell in my home that only picks up my phone number as it recognizes it from my plan. Is there any way I can set the device up to recognize the phone number on my plan? Would I have to go through my carrier (AT&T)?

tsac 07-20-2012 09:25 PM

Re: Unlocked BB Concerns
The SIM card allows the phone to work on the cell network. The micro cell only forwards calls via your DSL or other network. The number on the phone display? Is the phone really unlocked? Go to the top of the forum and to the FAQ section for info on verifying if it's unlocked.
the SIM is where the phone get the number so are you sure you have the correct SIM in?

This may work but keep in mind the network number and SIM number must match. simply changing the display number wont do anything if it's not your number.

Step 1 - The smartphone draws the phone number from the SIM card. If the information is not populated or is not correct on the SIM card, the smartphone will show the phone number as Unknown or the wrong number

Type the phone number on the SIM card.

Make sure the smartphone is running the most recent version of the BlackBerry® Device Software.
From the Home screen of the smartphone, click Options.
Click Advanced Settings > SIM Card.
Highlight the phone number.
Display the menu and click Edit SIM Phone Number. If this option does not appear in the menu, see Resolution 2.
Enter the correct phone number, and then click the trackball or trackwheel.
Restart the smartphone. The phone number should appear in the Phone application.


dc/dc 07-21-2012 08:13 AM

Re: Unlocked BB Concerns
The 9530, being a primarily CDMA device, is showing the old number that was programmed for the CDMA side. This can only be cleared if one has the MSL for the device.

Also, the 9530 does not operate on AT&T 3G, and therefore cannot work on a MicroCell.

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