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JLP 08-30-2012 04:15 PM

Saving a "nuked" Berry
I wanted to share my experience bringing my nuked Torch 9800 back to life.

After downloading and installing the new* Facebook app update, my 9800 went into a boot loop (which is referred to here and elsewhere as being "nuked"). The advice I found for this was 1) try to boot into safe mode, failing that, 2) wipe and reload using the Java apploader (per the FAQ here: Is your BlackBerry Nuked? - BlackBerryFAQ).

I had no luck with safe mode after numerous attempts. I was not overly concerned with wipe and reload, since I had a recent backup (lucky on that). But it is a time consuming PITA, so I figured I'd try something else first.

I used BlackBerry Master Control Program (BB MCP) BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) but BBSAK would probably also work. The key is, you can connect to the phone with BB MCP while the phone is booting, from very early in the boot process. So I was able to make a backup, just to be safe, and then go in and remove the Facebook app files. Once I did that the phone booted up with no problems. I then loaded the FB app from the OS installed on my PC (old, but functional).

Just wanted to share this so that anyone who is in a similar situation has an alternative to just wiping and starting over, especially if they don't have a recent backup.

* - I started writing this a couple of months ago, and forgot about it. I have way too many browser tabs open. :) Does anyone know how to find the new FB app files so I could try manually loading them? I tried upgrading through App World but it just keeps giving me an install error.

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