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TJSPJS 09-30-2012 05:21 PM

Insert SIM card issue
I just moved to Ireland from the UK. My UK O2 SIM works fine in my phone, but when I put my new Tesco Mobile SIM into my 9810, then it shows INSERT SIM CARD. My phone is unlocked (I've done the check, and it was used on Virgin before I switched to O2). I've also tried an Irish Lyca SIM and it also shows INSERT SIM CARD. Is there some lock/setting on the phone which prevents it from being used between countries? My SIM security is NOT enabled. There is no problem with the SIM card as it works fine in my BB Pearl.

I've looked through numerous forums and it seems to be a common problem with BB. I yet have to find a thread with a solution posted. So two questions:
1) How did other users resolve their problems.
2) Where in Ireland can I get my BB fixed (assuming that the problem lies with the phone).

tsac 10-01-2012 06:43 PM

Re: Insert SIM card issue
First off the only reason I'm answering the question although you have asked this in multiple threads is to help others who may do a search for answers to questions as is standard in most forums. You attitude if you continue will not result in any answers in the future. As for telling the Mods to not respond unless they answer your question, all I will say is that's extremely foolish.

Now to give a response

Two possibilities. The first one is the phone is not really unlocked. The second is the SIM is not provisioned

How do I determine if my BlackBerry is "unlocked"? - BlackBerryFAQ

KB10824-Insert SIM Card, or Data connection refused

TJSPJS 10-02-2012 04:51 AM

Re: Insert SIM card issue
Thanks tsac for your reply!

My blackberry is unlocked. I get the correct results when doing the check.
I checked with my service provider and my SIM card is provisioned. It works perfectly fine in another blackberry.

(My attitude could be considered foolish, but what the Mods (and co) should have picked up was that I was a new user and cut me some slack. I've never posted on any threads prior to this one, so have had no idea of how forums behave. My questions were aimed at the people who originally posted the threads. I expected constructive feedback and not petty behaviour. I've learned through my mistakes, I can only hope the the others have too and stop patronising people, but rather focus on the issue at hand. If they do however want to educate myself (and others) on forum etiquette, then they can do so in a friendlier way (going through historic posts, there seems to be quite a bit of bullish attitude).

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