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Giuditta 10-06-2012 08:26 AM

switching from num to ABC to enter password
I have an old Blackberry Pearl 8100, now unlocked, that I use when traveling. I buy a SIM card for the country I'm staying in. I am currently in France and am using a SIM card from a French company and the phone was working perfectly. (I use it only for phone calls and data.) To access the phone, I have a four letter password. I turned off the phone and charged it overnight, and when I went to use it, after I press "unlock," there is little square in the upper right of the screen that says "num," and the phone will only accept numbers when I try to put in my password, which is 4 letters, not numbers. If I press he ALT key, I can get the little square to say "ABC," but when I press a key, a number appears where I am trying to put in my security code. I have tried taking out the battery. Nothing changes. I have tried keeping the ALT key pressed and typing a key, but it is still numbers. Help! Please!

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