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spartanfour 10-09-2012 09:02 PM

Error Code for 9810
Can anyone help please when syncing with Outlook everything works except Calendar which comes back with the message "Error Code 0x80040fb3" "check documentation" I dont have any documentation for this error message, I would appreciate any help anyone can offer . My desktop version is 6.1 and the device is running 7.1 tried upgrading desktop software to 7.1 and couldnt sync anything

Dubdub 10-09-2012 09:07 PM

Re: Error Code for 9810
Google is your friend Searched on the error code and here is the first hit out of 3,610:

Error code 0x80040fb3 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

Search on "BB Error Code 0x80040fb3"

ausearch 11-28-2012 02:09 PM

Re: Error Code for 9810
Actually, my experience is with a BB 9900, but I think this applies to sync in general:

I made some modifications in my Calendar on Outlook, and then ran sync. The process worked its way thru analysis of the Calendar on both Outlook and the device, then gave me the screen showing the number of deletes/additions etc on both Calendars. When I hit 'accept' it began to work its way thru the process, then suddenly stopped and gave me the error '0x80040fb3'

The fix was that I clicked the check box in the upper right corner of Desktop Manager (v then 'support resources' then 'organizer sync log'. Down at the bottom I found that one recent entry in Outlook had been 'Ignored.' Went into Outlook Calendar and deleted that item. Ran sync again, and everything worked!

Judging by what I've read on these forums, I was lucky. But this may help someone solve a relatively simple issue.

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