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Zzainy 10-11-2012 10:10 AM

Jvm Error 545 On Bb 9810
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Hi, i got this error on my Blackberry Torch 9810 a few days ago. I have googled this and tried most ideas, and they havent worked.

Basically I cant turn my phone, i just get a white screen with this error message. So i cant back up any files/update the software.

Ive tried to fix it by removing and reinserting the battery, and that hasnt worked.

I have blackberry desktop software 7.1, and ive connected my phone with and without its battery, and i get this message (see attachment 1).

So i selected update, and then repair, and then for some reason the desktop software checks for updates for the device software...?

"7.1 Bundle 1149(v7.1.0.342, Platform
An update of BlackBerry® Device Software version 7.1 is available. This update includes optimizations and enhancements approved by your wireless service provider. Note: If your device is associated with an email account that uses a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, contact your administrator for more information about updating."

I selected 'get update', but i get the message "An updated Blackberry Device Software component must be installed before you continue."

So i press install...
And get this error message:

"There was an error updating your software. An error has occurred while downloading the BlackBerry® Desktop Software. Please try again."

So i have to press close, and this process then occurs all over again.

Can anyone please help me?

Zzainy 10-11-2012 10:35 AM

Re: Jvm Error 545 On Bb 9810
Basically i think i need a way to reload the OS...

fourstringfuror 10-11-2012 11:26 AM

Re: Jvm Error 545 On Bb 9810
Read this.

Dubdub 10-11-2012 12:46 PM

Re: Jvm Error 545 On Bb 9810
JVM ERROR 545 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

An OS reload is in your immediate future.

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