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victoriamonre 10-15-2012 09:40 PM

Media card error, files gone?
My blackberry's model is 9780, and I've got it for about a year, no problems except that the battery drains out quite quickly.

So as usual, I synced my bb to my laptop but this time round, I couldn't add any new files to it.

I stopped the syncing and when I checked the files on my bb, everything's gone.

And this error message pops up on my bb

"A Media Card has been insert that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the Media Card now?"


"If lost clusters are found during the repair, do you want to save them?"


Unfortunately, it says that "Media Card repair failed".

So I checked up on the internet and followed some instructions..

I connected my bb via usb to the laptop again to attempt to back-up my files, but instead of showing ANY files at all, it showed that my bb has completely 0 files on it.

I tried using several file recovery software like Recuva afterwards and it didn't work as well.

What should I do now? Help me please, I'm desperate

P.S. I did not format it

Ispat 10-15-2012 11:33 PM

Re: Media card error, files gone?
Media Card repair failed".
Your media card totally gone.there is no option to recover. please purchase new media card.

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