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justinlee 10-24-2012 07:27 PM

Email Reconciliation
I have a Bold 9780 and I am having trouble with Email Reconciliation. I am not using BES!

I have various email accounts up on my Blackberry, both POP & IMAP.

Now, when I delete on the Blackberry it deletes in my mailbox, but when I delete in my mailbox it is not automatically deleting on my Blackberry.

The settings are correct, i.e. Wireless Reconcile box is checked and I have set to delete on mailbox and handheld and on conflicts Mailbox Wins. Still not working!

Also, if i read a message on my Blackberry it is marked as read in my mailbox, but when I read an email from my mailbox it does not get marked as read on my Blackberry.

Blackberry to desktop works fine, but desktop to Blackberry there is a problem. When checking email on my desktop I either use Thunderbird or log in via webmail e..g hotmail, gmail etc...

Any suggestions?

Dubdub 10-24-2012 08:24 PM

Re: Email Reconciliation
Sounds like BIS is working correctly.

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