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cybersomeone 11-04-2012 06:48 AM

BBM contact problem!

Ive had bbm for a couple of years now but suddenly i just lost contact with one of my friends! I can receive bbm messages from her but i cant send anything! It directly gives me a red X. We both tried to restart our phones. We tried sending PIN's to each other, hers reached but mine said: service blocked. We deleted each other and tried to re-add. I accepted her request but she remained on my pending list forever.
I can bbm everyone else normally! Please help!

aiharkness 11-04-2012 08:07 AM

Re: BBM contact problem!
Do a search. You'll find a number of threads on this and other forums, different carriers, different times, different locations. I didn't see that anyone actually fixed it. Saw one post where someone said it resolved on its own after a while.

Normally I'd say talk to your carrier, but you have two carriers involved, and it's hard enough just getting your own carrier to deal with a weird problem. Still, you can try. You will have to go through all the troubleshooting they want you to do, but you must be persistant and present the attitude that you are not going to give up until the problem is solved.
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