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steve2112 11-14-2012 02:48 PM

Help with restoring contacts from backup
I am trying to help a user that we just converted from Notes to Exchange/Outlook (BES environment). We basically backup the devices, wipe them, and the do an Enterprise Activation under Exchange.

This has been going fine, except for 1 person. I *think* that perhaps when they were in the Notes environment, wireless contacts might not have been turned on because once his device was activated under Exchange his contacts never did sync to his device.

I tried to selectively restore just his address book, but it was greyed out and I learned that you need to un-check Wireless Synchronization in in the options of the address book.

The problem is that they do restore, however they appear in a 2nd [DESKTOP] address book, and not the one that is enabled for wireless synchronization.

Can anyone provide any tips on how to get his contacts into the section that will wirelessly sync? Otherwise he is going to end up with 2 address books.

Thanks for any help.


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