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zildjian09 11-28-2012 01:43 PM

Problems with receiving Hotmail emails on BB 8520

i have a BB 8520 v4.6.1.272 (platform my phone was working perfectly until it got really wet in my pocket when i was out in torrential rain for a few hours, a week ago. i managed to dry it out and it now works ok, if not a bit slower than before. however there are 3 issues with it now, i was wondering if someone could help me with please?

1. the camera doesn't work. if i try to open the camera, the screen goes black for 5 seconds and then the following message appears - "could not start the camera. close other applications and try opening the camera again". i don't think i have any other applications open so not sure why that comes up - an ideas? i'm not too fussed that the camera doesn't work as it's rubbish anyway but anyone had this problem before?

2. whenever i do a battery pull, the message "uncaught exception: index 46 >= 46" comes up. if i just click 'ok' then the phone works as usual. i also sometimes get a message saying "uncaught exception: application net_rim_bb_messaging_app (258) is not responding; process terminated" but that only comes up when i am trying to get into my SMS inbox, not BBM. it also only happens infrequently.i'm not too fussed about these error messages either s it's just annoying more than anything, but any ideas how to fix it?

3. the thing which is bothering me the most is the emails - or lack of it! i used to have my hotmail emails sent to my phone but since the phone got waterlogged, the email inbox button on my menu screen has disappeared, but the messages must still be coming through as i keep getting the envelope icon and red star and the number of emails next to it on my home screen. i have tried a battery pull, many times, and that temporarily does remove the icon but the emails soon start building up again but with nowhere to view them on my phone. on the 'messages' icon, a red star is constantly there, indicating there are unopened messages, but when i click on it, there are no messages there!

please forgive how badly i have described this but i'm not very technical! i have searched for days for answers to these questions but no one else seems to have the exact same problem. i cannot 're-register' my email address on my BB because all it says under 'email setup' is "i want to use a work email address with a blackberry enterprise server". this has always been the case it only saying that, so i have no idea how i originally set up my hotmail account on my BB, i can't remember!

please help and thank you in anticipation.

fourstringfuror 11-28-2012 01:47 PM

Re: Problems with receiving Hotmail emails on BB 8520
"my phone was working perfectly until it got really wet in my pocket"

Unfortunately, you answered your own question. The phone is ruined. Don't bother trying to repair it; buy a new one.

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