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Ikester 12-10-2012 02:15 PM

Unable to Sync BB Calendar with Windows Outlook
I just accepted an upgrade to BB Desktop (now at Version, released Nov 20,2012 - Bundle 35) but haven't tried syncing recently thus cannot say that the upgrade is causing the problem. Previously I was able to upload calendar entries to Windows Outlook without a hitch ... though I continue to have a problem with uploading contacts -- (blackberry-help/262007-synchronize-freezes-while-uploading-contacts) I've searched for a solution but have been unable to find anything about my exact problem though the problems of others helped me eliminate some possibilities.

Basically I am now unable to upload any calendar entries from my Curve 8530 for either of two profiles (i.e. entries using one of two email addresses). I've tried setting the CICAL and CMIME to either of the two profiles and nothing is uploaded, though BB Desktop claims everything is synced (the "completed" message does come up very quickly). I currently have selected Organizer Data to Sync only Calendar entries from the handheld to Windows Outlook. I've tried selecting replacement of all entries on my computer, have it set to sync all calendar entries, and have the Desktop pointed to the only Outlook Calendar account I set up.

I did notice that the first time I tried synching following the upgrade, a BB Desktop Sync prompt came up saying that my defaults had been changed and ask if I wanted to choose the original or the new default. I chose the original but now am unable to get that same prompt back again or locate where to change the choice I made.

Any help for things to try would be much appreciated.

Ikester 12-12-2012 10:25 PM

Re: Unable to Sync BB Calendar with Windows Outlook
This is getting weird. After restarting Windows 7, BB Desktop no longer recognizes my Outlook profile. When clicking the "Device Options ..." button, and selecting the "Enterprise Email" tab, while I have selected "Microsoft Exchange (Outlook Client)" as the only available Email system, I am getting a message "Enterprise email services are currently unavailable The enterprise email software on your computer may not be installed or fully configured".

OK so I searched here for similar problems and some users reported that adding another profile fixed the problem in their case thus I tried the same thing to no avail. I can see nothing wrong with my Outlook configuration so uninstalled BB Desktop and reinstalled the same, latest version ( Unfortunately for me, when checking "Device Options/Enterprise Email" I find the same message.

Short of drop-kicking my BlackBerry, any suggestions?

Ikester 12-14-2012 10:23 AM

Re: Unable to Sync BB Calendar with Windows Outlook
Problem solved! Turns out it was Outlook. I located KB02362 (sorry I can't provide a URL as I haven't posted here enough) and got to the last step 7 which details a procedure which, when followed, found a problem and fixed it. After that, the Outlook profile shows up under synch options (confusingly not under "Device Options/Enterprise Email" though. I guess that's reserved for Exchange?).

Still no luck with getting my contacts uploaded though. So I can't drop kick my Blackberry just yet. ;)

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