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DannyNuts 12-11-2012 12:34 AM

Outlook - BB sync issues

I am using a Bold 9900 V7.1 Bundle 1646.
With the latest Desktop Mgr version.

The issue that i am having when syncing my contacts (both ways Outlook - BB & BB - Outlook). I have 5% of the contacts that have a conflict.
The conflict states that the device has a different address to that stored in Outlook.
The desktop mgr shows that the device has duplicated the address. if you look in to the address book on the device it is not duplicated.
With the most current version of the software i'm unable (not sure how to accept/reject each conflict). The previous mge was pretty straight forward.

Any advice on the dup address issue.

I am not syncing to gmail or any other service. Just BB - Outlook.


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