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KayNoire 12-19-2012 08:40 AM

Media Card Error

I have a problem with my media card. In the past few weeks it seemed like my BlackBerry kept having a problem recognizing it. I noticed it in whatsapp the most, because I kept getting the messages 'History Disabled: Media Card not detected' and 'History Enabled: Media Card detected' and that kept going back and forth. Sometimes I would remove the media card, wait a few seconds and place it back inside, thinking it might have moved a bit.

Now yesterday, my device had a problem recognizing the media card again, so I removed it, placed it back inside and then my device said 'Media Card with an error detected. Repair media card?'
And I clicked 'Yes'.
It asked 'If loose clusters are found during repair, should they be saved?' (something in that direction, this it not a one-to-one quote)
I clicked 'Yes'
And a few seconds later it said 'Media Card could not be repaired'.

Any suggestions as to what I could do now?

stevetaz 12-19-2012 11:03 AM

Re: Media Card Error
Replace the media card with a new one?

KayNoire 12-19-2012 11:19 AM

Re: Media Card Error
The thing is that the media card was actually just replaced, it was just bought last month (and my device had problems with it basically from the start). So I'm not sure if I formatted it incorrectly or if the card was faulty from the start etc and would rather know if I could find that out somehow, instead of buying another new media card and then having to face the exact same problem.

stevetaz 12-19-2012 11:41 AM

Re: Media Card Error
Return the defective one if it was only replaced recently. Stay away from "off brand" cards too. Buy from a reputable dealer as there are many counterfeit cards out there.

tsac 12-19-2012 04:01 PM

Re: Media Card Error
If its a well known( from a reputable dealer or store) card, try formatting it on the Blackberry.

KayNoire 12-20-2012 08:59 AM

Re: Media Card Error
Well, I honestly don't know much about cards, but it's a 32GB card from SanDisk and it was bought at the Media Markt, which is the biggest chain for electrical devices in Germany (and huge across Europe) and they're not known for selling counterfeits or anything like that...

How would I reformat it with my BlackBerry? I unfortunately don't remember how I formatted my last card (because it was over a year ago), but I had no problems with that. It's just that my device was replaced and I forgot my last card in it, so I had to get a new one.

Thanks for the help =)

aiharkness 12-20-2012 09:24 AM

Re: Media Card Error
Not sure precisely how you would do it on your model, but start in options and find the screen that shows information and settings for memory and storage. If you are running OS 6, try options > device > storage, or similar. You probably will select format from the menu once on the appropriate screen. Pay attention and make sure you are doing what you think you are doing.

Sounds like you may have more reason to doubt the device rather than the card. Or maybe it is something you are doing. If you still have trouble after formatting the card, I would look at other possibilities. Reinstalling the OS is a way to rule out a software issue.
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KayNoire 12-20-2012 10:12 AM

Re: Media Card Error
Thank you.
I already tried that yesterday, but I tried it again. If I go to Options>Device>Storage I don't have the option to format the card, because it is no longer 'acknowledging' it. It says 'Media Card is not installed' and there is no option to format it. If I remove the card and put it back in, the same message pops up that I wrote about in my beginning post in this thread, namely:
'A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the Media Card now?'
And I click 'Yes'
It asks me 'If lost clusters are found during the repair, do you want to save them?'
And independent of whether I click 'Yes' or 'No' to this question it will say 'Media Card Repair Failed'.

As mentioned, the media card was bought a few weeks ago (either very, very late October or early November) and my BlackBerry (that was replaced in October) had problems with the card from the start, but just problems recognizing it (namely that it would frequently say 'Media Card not detected') but that would only last a few minutes, that it would 'detect' the Media Card again. That the card supposedly has an error really only happened two nights ago and that's why I asked here yesterday (although I didn't change any settings or similar two nights ago).

So is it me? Because I didn't change anything. Or might the card be faulty? Or is it the device?

aiharkness 12-20-2012 10:42 AM

Re: Media Card Error
From your account, you bought a name brand product from a reputable source. I doubt the card is really faulty. You can put it in a computer and error check it, and I bet it will be fine. That leaves hardware, software, and user error.

User error would be something like pulling the battery when the device is writing to the card. I don't think that would damage the card, however, but just leave lost clusters.

If you have been handling the card, you may have damaged it.

If you have some other cards, try them. If the device reacts to others same way, then more reason to suspect the device.

It could be a hardware problem. Depending how you have treated the device, and whether you have other symptoms, you may tend to suspect a hardware problem either more or less. If you tend to drop the device a lot, suspect hardware problem more.

But as I said above, reinstalling the OS (and testing before you do anything else) will rule out a software problem. If the problem is present with multiple cards that you believe are good, and still present after reinstalling the OS, then the most likely probelm is the device itself.
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