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hairlessbody 12-27-2012 04:44 AM

BB 9780 freezing/not responding.
my BB 9780 is very poor in response and it is a nightmare. I have deleted some apps to free the device memory, yet it is still bad. There's this black like clock thing that will come out and be there 3-5 minutes. This runs the battery down very fast. Please I need help! :cry:

aiharkness 12-27-2012 08:04 AM

Re: BB 9780 freezing/not responding.
Try the following. First, remove the microSD memory card if you are using one, and test. If that is not the problem, then do a full backup to your computer using desktop manager, and then do a security wipe. If you are using BlackBerry Protect, use that and force a backup before you wipe. When you do the security wipe, select the option to delete all user installed apps.

After the security wipe, test. If the BlackBerry is working fine, then restore just your data, not any settings. Do it from Protect or selectively restore data from your desktop manager backup. Then test.

Next, reinstall apps, but only the ones you absolutely need. Test for a while. If you add more apps later, do that one at a time and test.

If wiping the device doest fix the problem, reinstall the OS.

The above may seem a bit extreme, but it's that or spend the time tracking down the problem and maybe not finding it.
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