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taylojon 01-28-2013 10:32 AM

Cannot delete/move speed dial numbers
Using Curve 9320 with latest O/S

OK, I've the "Speed Dial Numbers" list on BB (press call button then BB key, View --> Speed Dial List"

If I go to one that's used which I don't want, I press BB key, then select delete . Get "Remove Item from List?" Yes/No

I select yes, but item is not deleted!

If I try to move an item, I can move it up/down list but I cannot lock it to a new letter/number.

Any ideas?

I don't see what I;m doing wrong, looks like some sort of bug

Update: Removing battery to reset phone.

taylojon 01-28-2013 11:01 AM

Re: Cannot delete/move speed dial numbers
If I add a speed dial number I can delete/move it. But a number of my contacts where set-up with speed dials (maybe when imported from SIM). I'm not taking about reserve keys Q/1/*

These automatically assigned numbers are locked!

taylojon 01-28-2013 12:29 PM

Issue Resolved
I removed the SIM card from my BB & put it back in my old phone. I then deleted the contacts & any associated speed dial number. So no contacts on SIM only info from service provider.

Put back in BB, re-inserted battery & fired up BB.

The speed dials (locked that came from SIM when contacts imported) have gone.

Just some speed dials from provider for calling them, but none of my contacts. I can now add/move them as per manual using remaining spaces.

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