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Natashareeve 02-26-2013 11:16 AM

BB curve 9300 wont turn on!!!!
Hello everyone!
Please do help me out with my problem, i am kind of distressed and too poor to get a new cellphone!:cry:
I am using BB curve 9300 and i left it for charging, after like 2 hours, i found it trying to switch on with the startup bar on the screen but after it cover some line,it stopped abruptly and then it came back to the same thing.
redlight>startup bar with bb logo>cover some line>switch off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x
what seems to be the problem?
I took out the battery like 40 times and tried switching on but still the same problem persists.
I read some old forums suggesting backup. will this work??
please help me out!!!:-(

aiharkness 02-26-2013 01:58 PM

Re: BB curve 9300 wont turn on!!!!
Sounds like your BlackBerry is stuck in a reboot loop. First, if you are using a microSD card, remove it and see if the BlackBerry will boot up. If not, then take a look at the following article.

How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked or Bricked BlackBerry |
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