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RobbG 02-27-2013 01:49 PM

security wipe/factory reset
I'd like to erase all call logs, and pictures and other trash (left by the uninstalled apps) from my BB9780. I have too many to delete all at once, that will take forever!
I know there's something called security wipe/factory reset. I'm a bit afraid though - there's a warning that "all application data will be lost! Message service and other services will be disabled." Will it also delete everything - applications, programs etc. making the phone basically blank? My BB came with OS, preinstalled apps such as Word To Go, Sheet to Go, Slideshow to Go, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, games: BrickBraker, Word Mole, Texas Hold'em, Sudoku, Klondike. Will it delete these apps too?


jsconyers 02-27-2013 01:56 PM

Re: security wipe/factory reset
No, it will basically restore it to the way it was when you first got it.

RobbG 02-27-2013 01:59 PM

Re: security wipe/factory reset
So it won't delete these preinstalled apps, just all installed by me?

jsconyers 02-27-2013 02:55 PM

Re: security wipe/factory reset
Correct. It should not. If you go into your security wipe screen, the option there is to delete any user installed applications and the descriptions states that any applications that you have loaded will be removed from the device.

RobbG 02-27-2013 03:12 PM

Re: security wipe/factory reset
OK, thanks. One more question. Will it be enough to choose first option to clean all the stuff left by ex. Facebook application (email, calendar and contacts synchronization etc.)?

jsconyers 02-27-2013 03:26 PM

Re: security wipe/factory reset
What do you mean first option?

This KB article should help.

KB16307-Actions performed by the BlackBerry smartphone during the removal of stored user and application data

RobbG 02-27-2013 03:35 PM

Re: security wipe/factory reset
Security Wipe > Emails, Contacts etc. So, I presume it's Standard security wipe with Include third party applications option turned off

jsconyers 02-27-2013 03:39 PM

Re: security wipe/factory reset
Yes, that will delete your email accounts, calendar appointments, contacts, etc. I would recommend backing up your device before you wipe it.

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