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AIphaBeta 03-12-2013 05:34 PM

Reset Sound Profiles
Using a 9930 Bold Touch. My goal is to reset the sound profiles on the phone, specifically restoring the inheritance the profiles that come with the phone receive from the normal profile. Essentially, I'm looking to get the "(Normal) Custom" drop-downs back. This way if I make a change to the "Normal" ringer settings, for example, they propagate down to "Loud" and "Medium" sound profiles etc. I accidentally changed the "Loud" profile, and now the connection to normal is gone. Does anyone know how to re-associate the sound profiles to the normal profile?

Since my research has found no way to do this, I'm left with trying to just reset the profiles to defaults. Using the DM, I was able to delete the "sounds" database on the phone. This indeed restored my sound profiles to default. I'm on BES, so I had temporarily deleted the "Desktop [SYNC]" service book per KB04461. When I undeleted the service book, my old settings came back and I'm right where I started. Did I miss a step that would have allowed the new reset settings to be synced instead of the bad settings coming back down?

tsac 03-14-2013 06:51 PM

Re: Reset Sound Profiles
Normally the sound profiles can be edited. The exception is any restriction the BES server controls via the IT policy.

This link should help ( page 158) for any future needs but it sounds like your back to normal.

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