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HichamZ 03-21-2013 07:18 AM

Backberry Torch Issue

I got a backberry torch, and i have problem while turning on my device, it ask me to Sign In with my Backberry ID (It's the first time that it ask me to do that) i have already an account, and i can log in into my web browser with my laptop i have changed the password and tried again on my phone but i get always the message saying that the login or the password dosen't match.

I'm sure that i have write the right password (i have the "Show Password" activated).

Any help please?

aiharkness 03-21-2013 07:39 AM

Re: Backberry Torch Issue
Here is what I would try, in order. If the first doesn't work, go to the next.

Make sure the date and time showing on the BlackBerry is correct.

If you are using wifi, turn it off and use only mobile network. Make sure you have data connectivity.

Do a hard reset. That is, with the handset power on, remove the battery for 30+ seconds. Make sure you have a good mobile network reception when you put the battery back in.

Do a security wipe or reset to factory. Login to BlackBerry ID before you do anything. Afterward, just restore data (calendar, contacts, etc.) but not any settings databases. Do the settings over manually.
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