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egvny 04-20-2013 03:40 PM

Bes 4.1, Bold 9900
Is there a way to remove the 'required' flag from a 3rd party software installed on the BB?
I tried every trick in the book, all suggestions given but unit shows in the BES panel a 'upgrade required' status.
Our java script old version refuses to be deleted or overwritten by the new one, i also tried a disallowed policy followed by a required policy, seemed to work, the old version app got deleted, the new version was installed, but minutes later the unit prompted for another restore, and everything was gone, no app at all in the unit.
If the unit doesn't have any version installed, the push goes on flawlessly, but if the unit has a prior version with the 'software required' flag, hell turns loose.
I want to see if there is a script out there that I can push to remove that flag from the version running in the unit, or any other way that resolves this issue.
Even connecting directly the unit to a pc using the desktop BB desktop software,when try to remove the program , it fails. ( required pgm, can not be deleted )

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