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chrisjj 04-29-2013 07:05 AM

Accessing old version of Gmail webmail
Anyone know how to access the "Old version" of Gmaill webmail on a BlackBerry Curve 9320?

Or any usable version, come to that.

With the standard browser, delivers a new version which is extremely slow to initialise, often sitting with a coloured rotating ball for many minutes before showing the current inbox. It does offer an "Old version" link... but not until the above delay has completed, or unless I am lucky enough to get "Oops, the application has encountered an error".

I have tried alternate browsers.

One Browser succeeded in offering the old version, but recently switched to presenting the new version there too.

I tried Opera browser, but rejected it on grounds of horrifically poor security, caching email messages and on subsequent sessions showing them to unauthorised users.

UC Browser fails to work properly.

Perhaps there is a different browser, and one that can be configured e.g. at USER AGENT to evade the Gmail new version.

Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

dc/dc 04-29-2013 08:14 AM

Re: Accessing old version of Gmail webmail
You should use the device's e-mail software.

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