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sunnyjax 05-16-2013 09:47 AM

2010 Blackberry -what does this mean?!
Why did it do this?!

My partner has a Blackberry from 2010 and it had a 'funny turn' over the weekend. No idea what went on with it but if anyone could help it would solve this mystery for us!

What it did was....
Phone call was made but not answered (by son) at 2.14pm
Picked up phone again at 11pm when going to bed and it had a blank screen/wouldnt activate. Tried to turn it back on but it wouldnt do anything. Seemed dead.
Took out the battery and sim and left it for few minutes. Put them back in. It turned on but the white screen had a tiny square shaped black clockface with a rotating hand like a timer so we waited....
nothing happened after ten minutes so took out the sim and battery again, and put them back in again after waiting a few minutes ....the same thing appeared on the screen with the clock going round but it had some teeny tiny words under the clock, then on the very bottom of the screen it had the words
'failed to connect to stephie Xx' in a odd typeface ( not usual one )

there is no stephie in the phonebook and no one knows of one. ( yes honestly!)

My partner assumed his phone was tampered with....but no one is owning up!
Its working ok now but the seeds of suspicion are still there....there are 4 children in this house....

any ideas anyone?!

ZombieBerry 05-16-2013 10:01 AM

Re: 2010 Blackberry -what does this mean?!
Nope, sounds like someone was trying to screw around with his device.

Screenshot would help, as explaining what the screen and typeface looks like does nothing.

Stephie Xx could be a; HotSpot, WiFi network, server for a recently installed app.

Always protect your device with a password.

tsac 05-16-2013 07:47 PM

Re: 2010 Blackberry -what does this mean?!
Generally that message is a fail to connect to some WIFI. or As ZombieBerry said. If the WiFI is named that and has security thats what you might see. Could be a neighbor's system.

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