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digitalzomb 05-23-2013 06:47 PM

Blackberry Pause Behavior
I am having an issue with an internal system (take this with a grain of salt for now) that I use at my company to auto-generate conference call links. The blackberry link is generated to appear like this if you copy the hyper:


the ,,88398%23 is read as pause pause 88398# and represents the conference number.

the ,,4152%23 is pause pause 4152# and represents the pin number for the conference.

So, the blackberry dialer sees 1+ (123) 123-4567PP88398#PP4152#

It works almost all the time, however we've had periods of time where it doesn't. The two pauses result in 5-6 seconds of pausing each. In the logs to our conference dialer, we saw that only "152" was entered for the conference number, meaning it had entered 88398# and 4 before it actually started accepting the values for the conference number. I am wondering if this is true with the pause feature though to help explain:
Does the pause feature wait UNTIL the call is actually connected to start the pause? Or will it initiate the pause before it's actually connected under certain circumstances (say lack of service and a delayed answered)? In my testing, it seems as if it waits until the call is connected, but I cannot confirm this 100 percent.
Using blackberry 9930 on However, multiple types blackberries suffered this issue for some time including the Z10.

tsac 05-24-2013 08:14 PM

Re: Blackberry Pause Behavior
The basic issue is the phone has no way of knowing if the call is delayed and yes sometimes the cell system is slow. If this happens then you will see errors . I use thesame type system a lot and depending on service location quality I get the same problem. I extended the pauses after the number dial and it works better.

digitalzomb 05-25-2013 08:54 AM

Re: Blackberry Pause Behavior
I guess my next question would be when is a call considered connected in the mind of the blackberry? When it hits the cell towers or when it reaches its destination? Or something else perhaps?

tsac 05-25-2013 12:33 PM

Re: Blackberry Pause Behavior
Generally the call is considered valid when the connection is made to the far end (ringing).
The issue your getting is the delay until your dialed number is completed and the link is accepted by the cell site . The cell system must then forward to a dial carrier for completion. IF the call is to the same cell provider the cell carrier can internally forward to the other cell phone. The calls once they are into the cell carrier (actually connected) or the Wireline carrier they are usually completed within a very few milliseconds. The problem is totally the delays in the "acceptance" of the call by the cell tower service. You must have noticed delays when calling someone. The call is dialed but you hear nothing for a few seconds. Once the cell system can actually do something with the call it forwards it and you hear ringing. Prior to that the call is in suspension. This is the problem with the dial into the conference. The pauses keep going regardless of the external delays. Your dialed number with imbedded pauses cannot detect the issue nor can the cell phone. Bottom line…not much you can do about the issue. All carriers have overload issues.

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