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ozwrongbar 07-05-2013 02:39 AM "not available" then availalbe and then "NOT AVAILABLE"
Here's my question. I have mobile youtube on my phone. I would go to watch a video and it would sometimes say not available on mobile and i couldn't watch it. BUT, all of a sudden and out of no where, i'm able to watch those videos that previously had said "not available on mobile." But now it doesn't work anymore!!! WTF???? Is that ass backwards or what?? i think the new messege said, when i clicked the video, "watch video" or "not available on mobile" i can't remember because i'm a SPAZ and i was crazy excited like a kid on christmas and i didn't look to see what it said.


rambo47 07-05-2013 10:09 AM

Re: "not available" then availalbe and then "NOT AVAILABLE"
Sounds like you can watch the video when you have a certain connection, like WiFi. Is it available when you're connected to a WiFi network? I just ported from Sprint to Verizon and in my area the Sprint network was terribly slow. Even a slow cellular data connection could cause this error message.

ozwrongbar 07-17-2013 05:24 AM

Re: "not available" then availalbe and then "NOT AVAILABLE"
Ok... I kinda stupid and i don't think i layed the problem out there right.
PLEASE "BEAR?" "BARE?" with me. And thank you for hitting me back.

Ok here goes...
I'm crossing my fingers that i explain this right because it's holding me up and, weirdly enough, it's actualluy costing me money. I'll explain later.

History: I have a Blackberry Style 9670 Sprint Flip Smartphone.
When i went to youtube, via my phone and IN MOBILE NOT DESKTOP mode, i would click on videos so i could listen to the song. Some just went and played.
Ya know... you click the video and it changes pages and it has the video their and the video plays. And underneath it says, NOW THIS IS KEY, "watch video"
and below that "share video". Normal right? ya click it it plays. Then i started stumbling on to videos that would say "Not Available on Mobile. It pissed my off but i had to roll with it.

NOW... I had gotten used to the idea that there are some songs or videos i can listen to and some that i can't.
Here comes the weird series of events...
I clicked on an artists video, that i had previously done before, and i forgot that i't wasn't available, and found that it was able to play. And it DID! :smile:

Now... my ability to watch and listen to ANY video i wanted was AWESOME. It looked EXACTLY like the other videos that were for mobile. But it said something underneath the video, that i can't remember, what i do remember is that it was a "Not Available For Mobile" type of messege or something in that vein. It said i couldn't watch it. BUT IT ALLOWED ME TO SELECT IT!

I DID THE EXACT same steps that i did with the videos that COULD be watched. They were completely the same. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Just did what i always did. The only difference was that NOT MOBILE crap.

So... That goes on for about 7-12 months.
Any video i want to watch is open for me to watch on my phone.

AND OUT OF NO WHERE... It reverted back to the original "Not Available for Mobile" messege. i didn't change ANY setting's on my phone or on youtube.
I was on myoutube, or what ever it is, and NOT on desktop mode. In fact i tried going into desktop mode but it didn't load because of bandwith and it was lagging really bad. So I KNEW for sure that i was going through youtubemoble app.

AND THEN... Out of no where, and remember i did no changes of any kind to my phone or youtube settings, the "not available for mobile" was underneath the video and I AGAIN i couldn't click on the video.

So... I'm freaking out cause no one so far has heard of this and i'm afraid that i might not be able to get back to that ability to watch all the videos.

And THIS IS NOT, and i can't stress this enough, the "person that posted the video didn't or forgot, to make it public. It has NOTHING AT ALLTO DO WITH THAT because how could it be not available, available, and the not available again with the EXACT SAME videos.

I hope this helps define the problem a little better. Oh and my "all caps" wasn't a yell it was just emphasis on the word. So don't hate me.

Thanks again

ZombieBerry 07-17-2013 09:41 AM

Re: "not available" then availalbe and then "NOT AVAILABLE"
You are kind of all over the map here ozwrongbar. There are a couple of things you can do.

First let's go to (I am going to assume you have an account. If you don't, create one).

Once on YT, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Try Something New!'

Select HTML 5 video (Try it out) and join the beta, then choose Feather, and again, join that beta program.

Go to BlackBerry App World BlackBerry World - Player For YouTube designed for the Style or scan this QR Code

You should be good to go, and yes, I know not all videos will work, but this will give you access to over 90% of them.


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