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DavidDharmaBB 07-08-2013 04:09 PM

QR Code Scanner Pro
I'm having trouble using QR Code Scanner Pro. I've installed it and then I clicked 'Scan QR Code'. The camera comes on with a box with a red outline where the QR code presumably should go. I fit the QR code to the red box, and often blue dots start flashing. From googling, this should imply that the scanning is working. But then nothing more happens. I just get blue dots flashing forever. Do I need to click something or what? I've tried this with a couple of different QR codes.

Any help would be appreciated!!

tsac 07-13-2013 09:33 AM

Re: QR Code Scanner Pro
The code scanner goes to the internet to get data. Do you have a blackberry data plan?

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