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jacquessteyn 07-29-2013 08:45 AM

Lost contact functions - problem persisting since 2009
While texting a friend, suddenly my ENTIRE contact list was wiped.
I restarted, even took out battery - lost forever.
Worse, I now cannot add new contacts. Even when I add one it does not save it.
This past weekend my girlfriend lost ALL her whatsapp contacts (also on BB).
I had a look at the fora, and notice this kind of problem has been around since 2009.

Is Blackberry incompetent to fix this problem? Why else would it still occur after so many years?

How do I get the Contacts to work again without having to try and download fixes?

ZombieBerry 07-29-2013 09:12 AM

Re: Lost contact functions - problem persisting since 2009
You may restore your contacts from a previous backup. Also, you may sync your contacts from one of your accounts (hotmail, outlook, gmail)

Only time I have heard of contact list issues was when there were problems with IM (Instant Messaging Apps) like MSN, Gtalk, FB Messenger, etc..)

Your girlfriend losing her contacts with Whatsapp has nothing to do with BlackBerry as Whatsapp grabs your contacts and syncs them with their database, and is not applicable to this situation. Your GF can contact Whatsapp directly.

There are no downloads or fixes for a contact list that has been deleted. You can either restore from backup, or sync your contacts from an online service (outlook/Gmail).

Before that I would see if your contacts are not saved under an Unknown Address Book, or that you are viewing the correct book. I would even tell you how you could this, but I don't know what model you have and what OS version you are running.

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