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gnowegroeg 09-23-2013 04:10 PM

Help - How to edit APN settings in Z10
I posted the same thread in Z10 forum too.


Looking for some help from the Z10 owners or Blackberry support.


. Purchased an new unlocked Z10, STL-100-3, running
. Mobile Carrier is SpeakOut (711) which is on Rogers network
. Purchased a new micro SIM card from Carrier
. Boot up and see Rogers logo with APN set to default "ltemobile", no username, no password

. Cannot browse Internet when on cellular network after purchased browsing add-on from SpeakOut
. SpeakOut support page has clear instructions on APN setup with username & password (, username=wapuser1, pw=wap)
. Z10 APN setting is default to "ltemobile", no username, password, fields are grey out and cannot be edited so it did not connect

What I tried after reading hours of online forum discussions but still no connection:
. Using "escreen://", change APN to "", but I cannot find a place to edit/add username & pw
. Per Rogers web site, changed APN to "rogers-core-appl1.apn", "" without username & PW
. Yes, I hard rebooted Z10 after every change

Everything else on Z10 works fine, Wifi connection, voice call etc, however, cannot browse internet when Wifi is not availabile, I suspect is due to the incorrect APN settings

Can anyone tell me where to enter the APN username & password or have a solution to this issue?

I called SpeakOut and they said follow the APN settings, if it does not work then it is a device issue, I cannot find how to reach Blackberry support directly.

SpeakOut is a good discount carrier for a casual user like me, performance is not a major issue for me, I do not want to lock into more expensive contracts with Rogers, Bell or Telus

Thanks in advance

dc/dc 09-23-2013 05:11 PM

Re: Help - How to edit APN settings in Z10
Only one thread please.

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