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ohhchinitaa 09-27-2013 09:24 PM

Please Heeelp!
Hello! Good day! I just wanna ask a help regarding my Blackberry 9220. Alright, so, here's the problem.. I want to PERMANENTLY delete the number that I texted on my BB inbox, but, everytime I delete it, yes, the conversation goes empty. But, the number is still in the inbox! I tried to re-start my phone, I even removed the battery and the simcard, but, the problem's still occur everytime I turn it on :( I NEED TO PERMANENTLY DELETE the number for privacy/safety purpose :( PLEASE HELP! What will I do?! :(


tsac 09-29-2013 11:38 AM

Re: Please Heeelp!
You can delete data and message info easy.
read on page 105 of the 9220 user guide attached here. also you can clear call history as well as the email inbox.

Now for the bad part. ALL email data, text data and call number in and out information is
collected and stored by ALL carriers. Some countries require even more. If for any reason you think it can be simply deleted by the user your wrong. Depending on what your trying to hide or from who , it is all available.

9220 user guide

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