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jpegnall 09-28-2013 04:40 PM

Help pretty please....
So I have a Bold, issued by my work. It is synced to my work e-mails and I only use it for that.

At home I have no phone signal so rely on my wifi. Sometimes it works fine but some days my emails won't work (although I have no problems browsing on the Internet).

When it is not working it won't send or receive emails. When I lookup people's names on a new email it says "Lookup failed. Please ensure your device has an active data connection and try again". But I am connected to wifi and can browse.

The most confusing thing is the inconsistency - everything is constant yet sometimes it works other times not, given I have no signal it's a massive issue. I thought it might be low broadband speed so I upgraded to fibre, still have the same issue?

My IT team were useless. Anyone got any ideas, I am desperate to fix this.

Thanks all.

tsac 09-29-2013 11:25 AM

Re: Help pretty please....
You need to check with your IT support group in your company and make sure they allow connections via "internet WIFI" those connections are made differently and although you may have connection issues there may be some restrictions. It is also possible the phone is roaming at home and they do not recognize the local carrier or IP from them. Could also be they restrict non-O2 carriers for some reason. all worth a call for answers.

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