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npulsifer 10-16-2014 08:47 AM

Syncronizing the 9930
I am new to Forum-
My problem: Syncronizing my 9930

Issue #1 - On connecting the Device, BB Desktop Software (v 7.1 Bundle 2879) immediately starts the sync.
Q:Where / How to stop the automatic sync start so I can first backup the Device?

Issue #2 - I use my BB9930 to record daily activities - in other words, as a journal or diary.

Before syncing I must agree to delete Calendar entries more that a year old. Sometimes the entries to be deleted are on the Device. Other times they are on the Computer.
In all cases I have not deleted the item on the counterparty - i.e. I did not manually delete an October 15 2013 Calendar entry on Computer [Device] but because it is a year earlier than October 16 2014 I MUST agree to delete the entry from Device [Computer] to complete the Sync.

Q: How to turn off the "Delete Before" date instruction on both Device and Computer?

Thanks for help with these issues.
(posted 10/16/2014)

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