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AccioHogwarts 06-17-2015 08:02 PM

Battery keeps cutting out
Within the past couple of days my phone has been suddenly cutting out and refusing to turn back on. Once I plug it in, it will reboot after a couple of minutes and show a completely red/empty battery that is charging. Then, even after leaving the phone plugged in over night, the battery will never charge above 65%. This is happening even when the battery is far from empty.

Is this just a case of a suddenly degraded battery? What I don't understand is why it is suddenly started happening; the battery life before this would be a few days. Would simply buying a new battery fix this? Or could it be due to a dodgy connection somewhere in the phone?

tsac 06-17-2015 08:53 PM

Re: Battery keeps cutting out
All LI batteries used in all cellphones can deteriorate if allowed to discharge below 25%.
the result is although they look ok when charged they will drop very quick, sometimes in minutes. Your information sounds like you need to replace the battery if your sure the charger is working. Try an alternate charger to verify.

do not but a cheap knockoff. Only buy a Blackberry OEM battery from a trusted source.
I purchased two recently from Amazon. A Z10 was about $5.00 US

aiharkness 06-20-2015 04:28 PM

Re: Battery keeps cutting out
To add to the above, batteries do wear out. The useful life depends in part how you use them and other stresses, like temperature. And they can begin to show failure in different ways. A bad battery may not charge. It may charge fully and then drain fast. A battery may indicate that it is charged but be able to deliver sufficient power under a load.

Your issue may be the battery. The best thing to do is try your battery in a known good device, and try a known good battery in your device. This way you can sort out whether the problem is the device is through battery or the device. Short of that, try a new battery in your device. If there is still a problem then odds are it's the device, but you won't be certain if you don't verify the new battery is good.

Good luck.

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