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FLIP954RR 08-12-2010 07:53 AM

BBM contacts help...
hey guys, ive searched-but couldnt find an answer, or maybe im just phrasing it wrong on the search field-but anywho-maybe you guys can help me out...

i have a 9700 on att with the latest bbm and for some contacts, I have to keep re-inviting them over and over again:oops:weird thing is that they still show on my contacts list-but everytime I bbm them, I have to keep re-inviting them:?.
it only happens to a few people on my contacts list(they're on diff carriers)

i've wiped my bb and re-installed .862 OS(vendor.xml-deleted) on it twice already and also re-installed bbm twice in both instances(bbm .66 and 1.38 and still does the same thing), so i dont know what else to do....

thanks in advance folks8-)

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