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leonsas 11-30-2010 03:53 PM

MEP2 algorithm
Hello, I wasn't sure in what sub-forum to post this thread so feel free to move it.

Recently I had to unlock my BB, a process that is automatized nowadays, and it took less than 10 minutes, for only $7.

I tried to look on how the unlocking really works but didn't find anything.
My guess is that it's an algorithm, such as HMAC, that you 'plug' in the IMEI and MEP and it outputs the MEP2. But if this is the case, then someone would probably made this 'calculator' free and public already, and this has not happened.

So, anyone has any ideas how does the MEP2 really works?

joginder 12-01-2010 01:39 AM

Re: MEP2 algorithm
I believe you are right on the basic concept. The algorithm is out for Symbian phones (Nokia) I'm sure someone has it out otherwise people will not be selling the unlock codes. Well if you can make money then why would you make it free? I think my question would be "why these companies still keep locking the devices when they have a ETF of about 200 $ if someones dumps them after buying the phone with service. "
Remember Google entered in the maket with Nexus that was unbranded/SIM free but people didn't support them because it was too pricey without provider subsidy. So Google killed the whole idea of going against providers.

Now same question is being raised again and asking if Apple can bring a unlocked/SIM free phone and bypass the providers so you don't have to deal with this 5-min-Unlock-process-Oh-Made-it pleasure.
I am not fan of the whole locking process.
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