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quordandis 01-16-2011 05:50 PM

Two password access? One actual, one for benign access
I'm not sure what this is officially called or referred to, but I was wondering if this is possible. Truecrypt offers the creation of an encrypted volume with the ability to create a "hidden" volume accessible with a secondary password which is where you would store all of your "real" information. The regular or non-hidden volume would essentially have "benign" information (relative to what's stored in the hidden volume) which would be encrypted with a password as well. In the event that one is coerced into providing access to the encrypted volume, one may offer the password for the benign information and thereby avoid having the real information encrypted in the hidden volume accessed by unknown parties.

With this scheme in mind, is there an app, add-on or something that allows one to do the same thing with their blackberry? A regular password for general access to the phone, but a secret password that has more sensitive information encrypted?



PS - If this doesn't exist, is this something that someone would find desirable?

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