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eldiener 04-06-2011 11:22 AM

Mobile security product for 9800 Torch
I recently upgraded to the 9800 Torch from a Nokia 6650 Fold after the latter broke down on me and I was elegible for an inexpensive upgrade from AT&T. I had been using a mobile security product with the Nokia called SMobile Security Shield, which worked very well me for me and has received excellent reviews. Although they said they work with Blackberrys, after I had upgraded to the 9800 Torch I was told that they do not work with this latest Blackberry.

Are there are any other mobile security products which work with my cell-phone. I am most interested in Firewall and real-time protection, although I also want good anti-virus product.

When I look for reviews of mobile security products very few of them appear to work with Blackberrys ( or Androids for that matter ). The only other ones I have found are Bullguard, which SMobile told me is just a rebranded version of their product, and something called Lookout Premium.

Are there other good mobile security products for my Bolackberry ?
Do I need one or does the Blackberry already come with Firewall, real-time protection, and anti-virus ?

I am new to Blackberrys but I like the look/feel of the 9800 Torch and have had it for a very short time. My only initial disappointment was lack of a user's guide with the product, but I have downloaded one from online and will have to read it on my computer at leisure.

rambo47 04-15-2011 09:42 AM

Re: Mobile security product for 9800 Torch
There are no viruses for BlackBerrys and no specific antivirus software for them.
There is a firewall built in and highly customizable.
For security RIM just released BlackBerry Protect. Looks pretty comprehensive.

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