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starsRbright 08-23-2011 07:58 AM

Something or Nothing
Hello folks, i have had my new torch 9800 for about 6 weeks and am concerned as to whether or not somebody is accessing my cals , pics , etc.

From day to day the ability to do the most simple things stops and attach a pic from media to a text and send as MMS (most recently)

When i alt LGLG, the days events look suspicious....e.g

I have tried to copy some examples however i can't submit the message because i not allowed to post URLs, until i make 15 posts?

In events...theres words such as; line1 and line2, Switchbg, FaceDetector, True/False, LineChanged, - Set BG: null 360x480 , Act resource, S Java Exception - on and so on

Theres a mention of something called

Most of the events start with a System.... however some start W ui.vk....

Also some begin theres alot of reference to CC, is this carbon copy?

How about this....UIE: ignoring touch event due to face detection.

Is there anything that stands out that shouldnt be there....and if so what should i do?

Many thanks in advance for your help....starsRbright

Dubdub 08-23-2011 08:44 AM

Re: Something or Nothing
Has anyone had possession of your device for any length of time? Someone would have to physically install an app to be able to get your mail, etc. What apps have you installed and what websites did you visit just prior to this happening?

In the short term, until you figure out what is going on,I suggest that you change all email and other passwords and set a device password as well.

At some point, you should also consider wiping the device with Jl_cmdr (see our FAQ for more) and reload the OS. I would not recommend restoring form a back up. You could backup your contacts and calendar to Google or to Outlook and restore/sync to get them back, not restoring form the backup.

daphne 08-24-2011 12:05 AM

Re: Something or Nothing
What apps have you downloaded? The data in the event logs could be from one or more apps.
I googled some of those text strings and it looks like they might be related to one or more apps causing a.problem. Just a wild guess - did you install the Wikitude app?

starsRbright 08-24-2011 01:13 AM

Re: Something or Nothing
Hi , thank you for your replies....

I haven't downloaded any apps and have removed my emails from the BB completely....My carrier is GLOBE PHILIPPINES.

When i click my browser, i have bookmarks that i didn't put there and cant remove....these all have myGlobe in the that normal?

My wife would be the only person who could have access to my phone...when i've mentioned problems with my BB to her, she says she doesn't understand about such things....(I'm Brittish and live in Manila, my wife is a Filipna)

When i click on Manage the 2 section, under Set Up, Services and Options....there are four sub headings..Mobile Network Options, Set Up Wi-Fi Network, Bluetooth Connections and Service Status.....then there's another called Options..., now the thing is sometimes its there and other times it isn' this normal?

My wife's carrier is GLOBE as well, although on her screen (BB Curve)..her mobile network is described as Globe Telecom - PH....mine is just GLOBE. I bought the phones and the sims together at the same why the difference?

In my Event always starts with....a System..then -JVM:INFOp=26878165,a='6.0.

And finishes the same way...when i wipe it this is the only thing that's not removed and its written that normal?

In my menu there is a symbol of the sim and its title....Globe Prepaid...when i click on it there are certain things it allows me to do and others it doesn't...when i have clicked on Call Cust allows me to speak to someone then then just cuts of! Not once....every time....there are other functions that i have tried to open and it just says "error" favorites and tracker....

i have tried changing the sim....however its exactly the same....

When i click on security will not allow me to click on the user installed applications box....!

Is there anything unusual about any of the above....there is more,

I may be being a little over cautious here, perhaps even a bit paranoid....however its always stood me in good stead before...and i'm naive enough to think that its out of the question....

There's an expression in Manila....."Only In The Philippines".....nothing can surprise me anymore....

Thank you again for your kind help and advice....starsRbright

daphne 08-24-2011 11:08 AM

Re: Something or Nothing
The bookmarks are likely put there by your carrier. You could try deleting them but they might come back. I am not familiar with your carrier - you might try calling them about some of these things and ask for an explanation.

starsRbright 08-25-2011 03:48 AM

Re: Something or Nothing
I have tried daphne...more than once...but cant get anywhere with them.

As far as your concerned there's nothing untoward about any of the things i have detailed?

Many thanks....

daphne 08-26-2011 12:12 AM

Re: Something or Nothing
Without knowing what that code means, I really cannot say if it's abnormal or not. Have you done a battery pull with the phone on? That often fixes many problems.

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