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choiceenvironment 02-09-2012 12:41 AM

Phones Tapped, can I trace this?
I believe my cell has been tapped, it's a curve but not the newest version.
There are reason I believe the phone is tapped and it is not at all the fault of blackberry or my service provider.

a woman who hates my guts...(very long sob story)

I have had my hard drive give out on me, found A vpn on it after I sent it to my tech. Among 3 other surprising incidents...

My problem is I do not have enough evidence to even take most of this to the police. Every instance has questionable differences and I am not going to make accusations with out actually proof..

My new cell, 1 week old is already starting to act funny and many people have joked with me asking if my phone is tapped..echo...weird rotary dial tone often in the background....? not sure

Any ways...I have not attempted to correct the issue of me "believing" my phone is tapped because I am trying to catch any proof that the person sabotaging me is in fact doing it.

Is there anyway to log and trace all the information that goes through my blackberry? or trace the perpetrator and actually get "evidence"?

Any advice on how to trace back these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly for this lovely support forum, just found it.
6 year bb owner

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