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ryanaskham 08-02-2012 04:52 AM

Untrusted red colour font emails
Hey guys,

I have just received 3 e-mails within 5 minutes from a sender called "Option+ Team" and subject line "[Adv] Option+ ! Useful BlackBerr..." All in red font (which I have never seen before) in my messages folder on my BB.

I have not opened them yet as I am scepticle about them as I have not seen that type of setup before and worried they might be virus' or spyware etc.

Has anyone come accross these before? Or does anyone know if they're malicious or trusted? Or am I better off just deleting them?

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aiharkness 08-02-2012 07:35 AM

Re: Untrusted red colour font emails
Seriously? You don't recognize the sender. That is reason enough to delete without opening.

It sounds like spam. You shouldn't spend any more time on it than it takes to press the delete button. If you are viewing it on a computer, mark it as junk.
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Amperbaas 11-08-2012 06:47 PM

Re: Untrusted red colour font emails
I've receaved the same tipe of email's with red letterings,not knowing about wot it is I opened it,,to only descover later that,that is part of the problems I started to have with my phone,,I never realy thought that it might be sumthing other than bad signal,Sertain time during the day I use to lost complete signal on my phone and the hour glass kept on appearing and it sumtimes lasted for hour's,ending up me me getting angry and frustated,and then there are the times were for no reason my bleutooth light would start flashing which was weird,,and alwayse before my signal start going gagga on me,and then I notice I had contacts it my phonebook with encryptions on it,,and evin my memory card would have these encryptions on it,,Weird weird I thought,,when I looked into it I relize that my girlfriend sync my phone with hers,,and was remotely entering my phone and weird u don't have to believe me,but she use my phone as moderm for hers ,becoz she had no airtime yet her walogs show activity's and her fb show's the time she logged in,,,Looking more into it I found out that my low IQ grlfrnd aint as dum as she pretend to be,She is using my old nokia 6730 and she have more spyware on the as my goverment,,She users for instants her Map's,to go undectively on the internet,if I click on support online miraculosly it goes online,without no data bundels airtime,,it evin says u can now safely go online undetective,I alwayse wonder how she alwayse is at home jst at the right time,,and sumtimes I wuld not tell her I'm cumming but just a few second later there she is,,only to descover that I'm being tracked by her,,(GEO),,,and I found the site who offers that (varsha enterprises),,I came home one day and show her the app I have,google apps ans before I gave her my phone my locations was showing were I'm at,,she had my phone in her hand less then minute,after that my locations was about 15km away from were I was,,weird and she know's nothing,it still the same,,my phone still goes gagga and after all the avidence she still denies it,,O befor I forgot,my tablet,is filled with secret things for instants,it have a calculater on with dffrnt encodings,it keeps on showing recoding,the comes no sound out of it,and if u go to audio and press the play button a dffrnt button goes's on following I came across , a browser,,more files I don't no off,,and the 8mb memory card that only works on her phone,,and not evin in my tablets normal explore files is working in that explore file!! Weird u think???
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daphne 11-08-2012 06:55 PM

Re: Untrusted red colour font emails
If you have a question or need help, please repost in a form that we can read. The way it is written, without puctuation and a lot incorrectly spelled words and poor grammar, it's next to impossible to make any sense of it. Repost using sentences, periods, spaces and make an effort to spell to spell correctly. Thank you.

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