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umeshtg 12-10-2007 02:07 PM

MDS help
Hi All!

I am new to BB stuff. Able to install BES with MDS so far.
But the documentation says something and the options are not available at all for me to configure. :(

Now, My scenario is:

1. I have a application running on <WAN / LAN IP:port> in corporate LAN.
2. I want to access it from BB device through BES.
3. between the device and the BES there is an corporate firewall.

(1) BB handheld Device <--> (2) Firewall <--> (3) BES server<--> (4) Application running on port 80 /6667;

Can anyone please let me know, what all services I have to install to get them in place?
I am not sure how to configure the ports and all the details about it in BES.
All I am sure about is we should use MDS for this.



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