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Phal 06-09-2008 05:39 AM

Internet access issues from handset
I have a client who recently had a BES server installed and they have around 10 handsets being used through it. Theyve had it since around March or so and after the initial few teething problems, everything seemed to be working fine until they reported that they couldnt access any websites apart from the Vodafone website. Now, after talking with them, it seems that they never used the internet on their handsets so it potentially hasnt worked since installation.

The network provider is Vodafone UK and the only website that people can access is the Vodafone website. All other websites time out with the following error

HTTP ERROR 403: Forbidden - You are not authorised to view this page. Please try a different page

I suggested this sounded like a provider issue since some of the handsets were originally setup to work with BIS and this seemed to cause problems at the beginning but Vodafone have said this is a problem with the BES server itself and the MDS service? Mail gets forwarded to and from the handsets fine without issues but for some reason internet doesnt work...

Any ideas?

AndyJUK 06-18-2008 11:00 AM

does your client have a firewall at their network, does web browsing require authentication to the proxy.

If so, you need to set MDS to access the proxy.

Just had a similar problem after changing firewalls/proxies

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