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orwell84 04-01-2009 10:13 AM

emailing pictures --- Transaction error - bad format
I've been trying to email picture from a new brand new Pearl 8130 on the Verizon network and when I send *some* pictures I get the following error accompanied by a red X in the message log.

Transaction error - bad format.

I've search all over the internet for information on that error, but all of the solutions that I've seen have to do with a BES server and we don't have one. Here is the information that I've collected/observed so far.


The problem is specific to certain pictures, all of which were taken from the blackberry in question.

Specific pictures either will never send or will always send, so it isn't a case of the network flaking out in a general sense. There is something about certain pictures that Verizon/blackberry just doesn't like.

We are running Blackberry redirector to redirect emails.

We are NOT running BES.

It is NOT a problem with a specific email address, if I send two different pictures to the same email address one might make it and the other will fail. Emails that fail to one email address will also fail to another, for example I tried sending one picture that failed to might corporate account and one to my Gmail account and got the same result.

I check the size of all the pictures good and bad and they are all well under 1mb in size.

The Blackberry did say that it was reducing the file size prior to sending on all attempts.

All photos are saved automatically by the blackberry with a jpg extension.

I can view all of the pictures fine on the Blackberry.

The problem happens with several photos that were taken with the Blackberry, however the several other photos that were taken send fine.

Verizon tech support has no clue what the problem is.


Any help or ideas with this would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance for you help and you time.

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