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BigOrangeSU 06-09-2010 11:31 PM

BIS and Kodak Pulse
Has anyone had any experience with sending an email through BIS to a Kodak Pulse Account. I have a kodak pulse digital photo frame. I have a specific email address that when I send a photo to it, it shows up on my frame. When I email through the blackberry, using gmail in BIS the photo doesn't show up in the frame. But when I send a MMS to the email address with the photo, it does go to the frame. Does anyone have any ideas what BIS might be doing to the email for it, to be getting rejected from kodak. When I send the email to kodak pulse if I go into my sent mail on the gmail website, and forward the email to frame it goes no problems. So its a really strange problem, and hard to diagnose because I don't know whats going on Kodak's side of things.

Onedutch 06-30-2010 07:45 AM

Kodakpulse is IP blocking some Mail servers
I have the same problem, some mail accounts are received OK butt some other E-mail acounts are not accepted by the mailserver. I get following messages :

Delivery is delayed to these recipients or distribution lists:
xxxxxxxx at kodakpulse dotcom
Subject: Sigmax Foto
This message has not yet been delivered. Microsoft Exchange will continue to try delivering the message on your behalf.
Delivery of this message will be attempted until 7/2/2010 10:21:32 AM (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna. Microsoft Exchange will notify you if the message can't be delivered by that time.

So KodakPulse is not 'open' 4 all, it has something to do with Spam i think!

Regards Tom

camcolo 07-16-2010 11:14 AM

Same Kodak Pulse Issue and Blackberry
I am current talking with technical support at Kodak. I think I have tried everything and I think they are now talking to their IT people. Too some patience, but they now do understand the issue. If anyone has found a solution, please post out here. If I get a solution through Kodak, I will add to this post. So far, I have been on for 47 min with them. They just told me that they have some issues on their server and that I should turn off my frame for a day. More to come........ tomorrow.

lenw 01-11-2011 02:16 PM

Re: BIS and Kodak Pulse
I just received my Kodak Pulse. It works in all respects EXCEPT mail from a Blackberry doesn't get through. (mid Jan/11). After an excruciating wait for tech support, I was told that the Kodak server and Blackberry server don't connect.
(live chat guy told me to wait a few more hours - he had no idea of what he was doing).So, the main feature I saw in the Pulse is not available to me, my family and most of my friends.
This shouldn't be rocket science, but Kodak is letting its customers down. I feel it's misleading advertising to say that pictures can be emailed directly but make no mention that it doesn't apply to Blackberry users.

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