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lieb39 06-14-2011 02:34 AM

Gmail 'read status' not syncing
Hello everyone,

I've got my Google Apps Mail setup on my Blackberry, push emails and such work fine. Even have contacts and calendaring pushed as well.

However... The status of emails are not being pushed. I read a email on my desktop (through my web browser) - and the status is not updated on my Blackberry, no matter how long I wait. Same the other way.

Is this functionality missing or have I set something up incorrectly?


Knocks 09-08-2011 02:03 PM

Re: Gmail 'read status' not syncing
Wow, it's been 4 years and it's still not syncing properly? Effin' lol is all I have to say.

Between the Gmail app not showing HTML and BIS not syncing Gmail read status properly, this is one of the biggest FU's to users, if I've ever seen one.

Obviously, Google wants all Blackberry users to toss their devices and get Android phones (and I would if I could get enterprise e-mail on it), but come on, this is just harsh.

Mooving 12-30-2011 09:29 AM

Re: Gmail 'read status' not syncing
Any solution to this issue? The 'reconciliation' item in the menu doesn't work either :/

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