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andyhollywood 09-08-2011 07:56 PM

TCP Socket Connnection via MDS & Web Proxy to public address.
I am having some real MDS woes when trying to get a socket connection to route to the internet over MDS.

Our setup is as follows:

* Java App on Device using socket connection to a public internet address
* Connection urls that try a cascade of URL params to try MDS first (deviceside=false) then wifi then BIS
* all connections work perfectly with a straightforward BES/MDS-CS setup

The problem arises when we add a proxy server into the mix and add proxy mapping rules to the MDS-CS service.

HTTP traffic from the MDS browser can be successfully routed via the proxy.

Our TCP socket never routes via the proxy, it exits MDS and goes direct to the internet, disregarding any proxy mapping rules, including .*://.*

If we firewall the BES then the socket is blocked. We can see the traffic exiting MDS but never hitting the proxy. Our proxy rule is direct to a valid proxy sever.

We have also tried telnet from a BB client to a telnet server. Same thing happens, goes direct, but not via a proxy.

We are doing nothing odd, and all by the book. We are actually using ssl://, but have tried different ports etc. To no avail.

It looks like MDS-CS will only talk to a proxy for HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Are we missing something fundamental here?

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