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bperkins 09-28-2004 10:33 AM

Difference 7280 & 7230/Cingular's Mobitex Coverage
Is the only difference between the BB 7280 and 7230 the GSM Modes (850 vs. 900)?

Which one is better?

I am having a hard time deciding between the two.

Also does anyone know if ATT and/or TMobile uses Cingular's Mobitex coverage for their Blackberry devices. I was curious to know if I could receive data at my home, which just so happens to be a dead spot for GSM voice.


eradis 09-28-2004 11:02 AM

Yes you are correct ( about the only difference between 7230 & 7280 is the different bands). 850 is really the North American equivalent for the european 900 band. The only difference I can see is the ability to roam internationally.

No, there is no way to get Mobitex service on a 7230 or 7280 ( or any other model except the legacy blackberries ). Completely independant technologies ( GSM/GPRS/EDGE and Mobitex ).

finch 09-28-2004 06:29 PM

Looks like the only current Java Blackberry the will utilize the Mobitex network with be the Blackberry 5790 if and when it comes to market...

Mark Rejhon 09-29-2004 09:18 AM


The 5790 is now already on the market -- but you must order directly from RIM.

The carriers are not carrying the 5790. Mobitex is more or less a legacy network, and there are patches of customers that need the 5790, but not enough to warrant the carrier carying it. It's a unique situation, because RIM does not sell other models directly -- only the 5790 model.

Some areas, such as Chicago, has an excellent Mobitex network that apparently is better than most phone carriers.

However, in Ontario of Canada, GSM850 now has much better coverage than Mobitex. The new 2-watt PC4 transcievers in the newer 7280 and 7290 often give extra bars of reception, and actually works in rural areas almost all over southern Ontario now (at least outdoors). There was nearly nonstop reception all the way from Niagara Falls to Quebec City on my several train rides earlier this year. That's over 1000 kilometers.

If you stay in North America, get the 7280 or 7780 (the -80 series).

If you go internatoinally, get the 7230 or 7730 (the -30 series).

If you want a world phone too, wait for the 7290 wihch combines the benefits of the -30 and -80 series into one unit;

If you need legacy Mobitex, get the 5790;

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